About Us

Wildland Supply Co. is an independent clothing and lifestyle shop located at 721 Washington Avenue in Waco, Texas. Owner Kate Duncan opened Wildland in 2015 with the goal of bringing forth a modern, curated collection of clothing and objects. Kate continues to hand-select each piece in the shop. The purchase of Kate's brokendown dream house and the blog she started about it (the wildland) sparked her desire to reach for even bigger dreams--her own shop. The entire operation is run by Kate with the help of a small, part-time staff of sales associates.

The Wildland style is utilitarian, but sophisticated; effortless, but intentional; tough, but feminine. We often describe it as "boys’ clothes for girls." Kate believes in quality clothing and chooses pieces that last beyond one season.

Wildland prefers to work with independent designers whenever possible. As a small business itself, Wildland is proud to support the work of small artisans by showcasing their products in the store. By shopping at Wildland, you support not only our small business but every artist that has had a hand in creating the object you purchase.


wild·land:  land that has not been modified by cultivation or other human activity